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Weekly Links: May 8-14th, 2011

Yikes!  This was a busy week!  These are the stories that have been on our radar.


iOS indie developer getting sued by patent trolls? [via Cult Of Mac]

TwitPic making power grab a exclusive distribution right? [via Technology and Marketing Law Blog]

Boston asks FCC for right to regulate cable distribution rights. [via Ars Technica]

Facebook supposedly hires PR firm to trash Google for not respecting user privacy. [via Engadget]

Google launches digital music locker, and says it doesn’t need licenses. Amazon redux?. [via CNET]

Related: EFF post on “digital lockering services.” [via EFF]

Related: BMI says digital locker services might violate copyright. [via TechDirt]

Could Sony be liable to game developers for PSN outage resulting from data breach? [via Ars Technica]

New “IP protectionist” bill floating around legislators. Doesn’t look good. [via CNET]

Google to pay large fines to allowing advertising from non-pharma companies.  [via CNET]

Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for $8B.  [via Wall Street Journal]

Senate grills Apple and Google over location-based tracking. [via Ars Technica]

Revolving Door?  FCC commissioner leaves FCC for Comcast lobbyist position, after voting in favo of Comcast/NBC merger.  [via CNET]

ANOTHER IP-related bill, with “blacklisting.”  Is this the new norm? [via Ars Technica]

Did Comcast really help The Pirate Bay this week? [via Slashdot]

“iFixit” website dismantles FBI tracking device. [via iFixit]

U.K. lawyer fined for not protecting client data. [via Ars Technica]

Da, da-da-da, daat, da, what? “Charge” rally music, used at sports arenas, being challenged in court. [via Palm Beach Post]

Belgian Court says Google infringes when it links out to newspaper websites. [via]

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act fails on claims against former employee who visited personal websites while at work.  [via Technology and Marketing law blog]

Teen gets arrested for “disorderly conduct” for actions on Facebook.  [via TechDirt]

ITC decision issued in favor of Kodak, in Apple patent dispute. [via CNET]

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