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Things to come…

You’ve probably noticed that earlier this fall we took an abrupt hiatus that coincided with some changes on our website.  Unfortunately, one of our co-bloggers accepted a new position at a firm which, as a condition to his acceptance, politely asked him to remove public commentary on legal issues.  This isn’t an uncommon request for law firms or employers to make, as it’s important for lawyers to observe the rules of professional conduct and for law firms to maintain strong relationships with their clients.  Together we decided it best to comply with the request, rethink the basic structure of our site, and bid our co-founder good luck on his next adventure.  For the last two and a half years this site has been (and continues to be) a hobby that stands apart from our professional careers — it was an easy, but sad, decision to make.

This event also coincided with a sudden uptick of work in my own professional life, including the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) launch in October and a myriad of other interesting research projects (some of which I hope to share in the coming months).  The workload made it difficult to think about, let alone attempt, a format transition on the blog or podcast; and so, the site has been fairly dormant for the last several months.

There is, however,  some good news to share.  Since going on hiatus I’ve received a number of emails from friends and colleagues, including a handful of fellows from the Berkman Center, who want to see and participate on some new episodes of the podcast.  While there are still a number of details to hammer out, like scope and frequency among other things, I’m hopeful that we’ll bring back the show in some form in early 2012, shortly after the holidays.

Thanks for tuning in!

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