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Apple files motion to intervene in Lodsys patent suits against iOS developers

Today, Apple filed a motion to intervene under FRCP 24 in the Lodsys patent suits which have been threaten/filed against seven iOS developers who refused to pay licensing fees for Lodsys’ patent no.’s 7,222,078 and 7,620,565.

Over the  past several weeks, Lodsys has been criticized in the tech media for claiming that the developers are required to obtain licenses from Lodsys for utilizing in-app purchasing technologies.  This claim was widely covered by the tech media because the seven developers at issue were, for the most part, very small players in the appdev world, and because Apple already licenses this technology for iOS.  Lodsys, on the other hand, believes that licenses must be obtained from both Apple and the developers.  On June 1, Lodsys sued the developers after Apple sent a letter to Lodsys asking them to play nice.

[Apple’s motion to intervene]

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  1. Apple intervenes in Lodsys patent fight with iOS developers…


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