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Podcast Revival

Last month, I mentioned that we will be bringing back the podcast.  I’m excited to announce that, in the next two weeks, we hope to publish our first show since going on hiatus.   Dominik and I will be joined by Andy Sellars, a close colleague and a fellow at the Berkman Center.  We hope Andy will continue to join us on episodes as we move forward.

A few notes about the new show format we’ll be using.  Rather than publishing podcasts weekly, we are going to move to a less-frequent, less-structured schedule.  Frequency will somewhat depend on the news cycle, but I would expect 1-2 episodes per month, at least.  Additionally, instead of covering 2-3 stories, we will likely discuss 1-2 stories per episode but keep the show length around 30-45 minutes.  The idea here is to elicit deeper conversations on interesting topics while avoiding fluffy coverage.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions about the show and the new format: e-mail us at podcast[–at–]


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